Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Boy Bump Pictures!

Bump pictures from different weeks!

I've definitely moved into the 'whale' stage of my pregnancy. Haha! Just kidding!

For those who have been pregnant you know what I'm talking about. Suddenly, even though your belly is very much a part of you, you start bumping into things because you misjudged your size.  :) The front of your shirt has unexplainable stains because you rubbed up against something or spilled without knowing.

Someone did ask if I was full term the other day. 

"Nope. Only 26 weeks." 

 14 weeks

 20 weeks

 23 weeks (and below)

Here's the most recent picture!
 25 weeks

My mom got this scarf for me in Paris a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it! 

Just for kicks....

Here is a picture of me full term with C-37 weeks next to the 25 week picture this time around.

Um. yeah. I think I might be showing more this time around. 

I'll have to do a pregnancy update soon! Things are going well!
The best part is that the baby is very active! I just love feeling him kick and somersault around! It's like a party in my belly. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

C- 21 months

I've realized the perfectionist in me puts off these monthly updates because I fear leaving something out. I decided last night that I just want to write from my heart and what I'm enjoying about my little man and not worry about 'perfection'. 

It's so sweet to see C begin to return affection! He's started to initiate kisses and will tell us he loves us. Hubby has worked with him a lot to say "I love you" so sometimes when Hubby is at work I'll say, "C can you say, I love you?" he will and then he'll say, "Dada?" :)

I have discovered I love being the mom of a little boy. 

(I haven't officially announced it on here, but we are having another boy too!)
Here's the picture we used to announce it:

I love skinned knees, tractors on the coffee table, balls, wrestling with Daddy, and mini button up dress shirts.

 I love cargo shorts, dumptruck and dozer books, curiosity, adventure, the little 'duck tail' his hair makes on the back of his neck.

I love seeing C. copy Daddy shave, put on deodorant, and mow the yard. 

 With daddy after a 5K.

 C has used his Tigger as a teether so we bought a new one because the old one's nose got a hole in it from so much biting. When we opened the package it came in C says, "A nor nor!" (Another one!) :)

So if he sees the two of them he says, "Tidder and a nor nor."

We went to the splash pad today for the first time. It was really windy and C didn't like the initial spray of water we got hit with when we walked. I asked him if he wanted to go in the water. He said, "No!" and grabbed my hand tightly. I showed him how to do it and pretty soon he stepped in a stream. By the end of the time we were there he was running all over the entire pad giggling and flashing me big smiles. 

That's something I really love about mothering- making new experiences safe and watching C learn to love them. I love exposing him to new food and new skills.  


 When we got this book from the library C would only want to look at this page and kept saying, "Dada!, Dada!"

C loves to help. He is learning how to pick up toys and when we're done we do high fives and "Knuckles" 

Running errands has become something I really look forward to doing together. We get a cookie if we go to Target or Hy-vee and ride in fun carts. We talk and he smiles and waves to everyone. 

He's learning what the street is and not to go in it. Anything with wheels he can ride or push is huge right now.

People tell me a lot, "He seems so happy." And I say, "He is happy!" He has such a joyful sweet spirit. He loves life and everything is an adventure.

At random times he'll just walk into a room or look at me (Or Hubby) and say in the sweetest happy voice, "Hi Mama." (or Dada.) It's like he feels so happy to be with us and wants to let us know.

I feel very blessed to be C's mommy. There are moments that I feel overwhelmed when I think about having another baby, but then I think about how much joy C has added to our lives and I get excited to meet our newest addition! I'm sure life will be crazy and there will be times I'll be exhausted, but it's truly worth it!