Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pella 2013

We went to Pella again this year to see the tulips. The festival was this weekend but the forecast was rain, so we went early instead. Not all of the tulips were up, but we had a perfect day and beat the crowds. We hit the bakery for traditional "dutch letter" pastries, went to a neat wooden playground, smelled the flowers, and did a lot of walking around. We're definitely getting our $$ out of the double stroller! :)

 And for kicks: Here is a picture we took by a tree last year...

and here we are again this year!

Such a fun day!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter 2013

Here are some photos from our Easter weekend. A little late, but better late than never! ;)

We did a egg hunt with some friends on Saturday:

And decorated cookies.

Here are the pictures from Easter day.

My boys all ready for church.

Family Shot:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Letters. 2.5 and 6 months.

Life is flying by!


You are full of sunshine! It's fun to watch you interact with Gunther and ham it up to make him laugh. You are sweet and thoughtful with him, getting him toys when he's fussy and sharing even your favorite stuffed animal, Tigger. You are his biggest cheerleader. When G learned how to roll in his crib I took you back to show you and when he woke up you told him, "Dunfer, you rolled on tummy. WOW! That pretty cool!"

You are so smart! You have pointed out several alphabet letters this week on store fronts and when I was talking to Daddy a couple days ago you saw I had him in my phone as "hubby" and you said, "Mommy! That letter H!" 

Lately when you can't find me you yell out, "Where's my mommy?!" You also made Mommy and Daddy laugh the other day when after dinner you came up and patted my tummy and said, "Looks like you have full belly Mommy!" 

When you want to do something you say,"That sounds like that be good plan?" 

Like most 2 year olds you push the limits some, but you are such a good boy. You are very conscientious about picking up after yourself and are quick to apologize if you make a mistake. "I sorry!" Sometimes when I ask you to do something you won't listen the first time and I'll repeat what I said in a firmer voice and you'll say, "Oh, that's right!"

You are getting so good on your bike! It's just starting to get nice out and you love being outside! 

You love to know what's going on when daddy's at work and you'll ask him what he did. You also ask him about who he works with. He works with a Captain G, but the only Captain you know is Captain America so that's what you call him. :)

You love dancing. Sometimes we turn on oldies and have a family dance party. You love when Daddy spins you so fast you get dizzy and can't walk. You giggle and giggle and then ask him to do more!

I'm teaching you right now about being mindful of where you leave toys so they won't be in walk ways. Today I was vacuuming and left the vacuum out. You were running your circuit and all the sudden yelled, "Cord not in good spot, Mom. I running."

You're really picking up on teasing and will even tease us sometimes. The other day Daddy mentioned going on a walk and you were excited. As Daddy and I started talking more we decided maybe it wasn't a good day. Daddy turned to you and said, "I don't think we're going to go on a walk today Caleb." You looked at him for a minute and started laughing. "You just teasin' Dad!" "No, I'm serious Caleb. We'll go another time." You looked at him and laughed again, "You just teasin' Daddy!" After a few more similar exchanges Daddy turned to me and said, "I guess we're going on a walk."

You have so much enthusiasm for life and are full of joy. Everything is exciting to you. Today when we were playing outside I called you over to see a squirrel. You came running. As soon as you heard it chattering you burst into delighted giggles. You laughed and laughed. I love sharing those moments with you!

You have such a wonderful imagination! You're always pretending to be a firefighter climbing your ladder (Gunther's high chair), driving your motorcycle, or going to hy-vee  to get "gwocewies."  


You are a sweet heart. Always smiling and full of giggles. You are super ticklish. You are eating lots of solid food now and love watching Caleb eat. At dinner a couple nights ago every time he put a bite on his fork and raised it to his mouth you opened yours. :) 

You roll all over the floor now! Mimi watched you this week and she said, "There's no keeping him on a blanket, is there?" You've also started pushing back onto your hands and knees a little too.

You are very leery of people you don't know. When I take you to the store if anyone talks to you or smiles at you, you start screaming at the top of your lungs. :) I usually take you out of your car seat and hold you and then you're fine. 

You are a snuggle bunny too. You love to cuddle when you go to sleep and also right when you wake up.  You are a huge fan of daddy these days. You crane your head around to look for him when he comes home form work and you hear his voice.

Oh teething! Things are in full swing, you are a trooper but you've definitely been in some pain. Poor little buddy! Hopefully they'll come through soon!

You LOVE Caleb. You are always watching him and try to get his attention. Sometimes when he's running his circuit and I'm holding you, you squeal and nearly jump out of my arms you're so excited. You are so anxious to be on the move. I think you will be crawling before we know it!

First bath together