Friday, June 28, 2013

Letters, 9 months and almost 3


It's so fun to hear all the things you say! Your little mind is really learning how to make connections and you have an amazing memory. Usually you "memember" thing at bedtime. "Mommy! I forgot to play with my soccer ball!" "I forgot to have gummy snack!"

You make us laugh so much! Here are a few things you've said recently:

We go to the Bever Park Zoo pretty often and they have a donkey there named "princess." The other day Daddy called me his princess and you interrupt. "No! Mommy not princess! Princess at the zoo!"

One day Daddy noticed a window in the living room was open but we had the air on. "Elyssa!" Daddy called, "Did you turn the air off and decide to open up?" You chime in, "Maybe that was me."

One day out of the blue you look at me and said, "You my best fwend." I wanted to make sure I heard you right so I asked you, "Who is your best friend?" "You is, Mommy!" *heartexplosion* 

You use the word 'might' a lot. If we ask you the color of something, you will say, "It might be green."

One day you weren't eating your dinner very well and we had a bag of cookies for dessert. Daddy told you he was going to start eating the cookies and if you finished your dinner before he finished the cookies you could have one. Finally there was only one cookie left (which daddy had no intention of eating) and Daddy said, should I eat it? You said, "Daddy, if you eat that cookie I might cry."

One day Gunther was going down hard for a nap and you asked me, Mommy, I talk to Jesus for Dunther sleep?" 

We went to a local Farmer's market and you kept calling it "Farmer Pickle." We have no idea why. When we asked you what you thought we'd do there you said, "See tractors?"

The other day we were in the car and I had hopped back between you boys to feed Gunther some solids. I gave you a gummy snack and you said, "Mommy I share wif you! Also, you cute!" :) 

You love being outside! Your favorite thing to do outside is ride the tractor with Daddy and sometimes even Boppa. You could be out there forever! 

You are completely potty trained! You are a rockstar! You caught on very quickly and even have naps and bedtime mastered. 

Trip to Kalona

 potty training treat

helping mommy with yard work


You are crawling everywhere now! It is so cute! Your brother isn't sure what to think! He's realized he can't get away from you now. :) You always like whatever toy he's playing with and you've started yelling when he won't give it to you. You have no interest in baby toys, you only want to play with your brother's toys. It's funny to see you trying to lift his big metal tractors!

Still two teeth but 3 or 4 seem ready to pop. Your gums are swollen and sore. Poor baby!

You said Dada for the first time on Father's Day! Nicely played. It's super cute! You also get excited when Daddy comes home from work now.

You're becoming much more assertive when one of us isn't giving you the attention you want you yell at us. You always will yell or squawk at Caleb when he tries to take something away from you or you want something he has.

You are eating all kinds of new foods. Crackers, puffs, cheerios, cooked veggies, melons, and bread.

You are very "rough and tumble." You take a lot of spills, but they rarely phase you. When you fall I say, "Crash, boom!" and then you look at me and smile and go on to the next thing.

You really like playing with shoe laces, opening drawers, electric cords and climbing up on the toilet. You also like to pull over trash cans. You are very busy!

 So big!

Fun times!