Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Update

Time for another update!


C is becoming such a little man!

It's fun to hear him start to pick up a lot of things we say.

If you ask him to do something he'll say "Sure!" He also has incorporated "Alright"  "I better" and "Nope" into his vocabulary.

Lately when I've gone into G's room to put him to bed I ask C to go out to the living room to play. He grabs the door to pull it shut and says, "Alright. See you! Bye!"

C also prefaces a lot of his questions with "Should I?" "Should I eat gummy snack?" "Should I wash my hands?"

He also tries to talk us into doing things by ending his question with, "that be fun?" he might say, "We go outside and I ride my bicycle? That be fun?" or "We go get donuts? That be fun?"

C certainly knows what he wants. One day we were at the doctor's office and our doctor asked if he'd like a sticker. "No, I just fine."

I died.

You can't be the same kid that asks for a sticker every.single.time we go to the bank. We got back home later and he tells Matt, "Dr. ____ asked me if I want sticker and I say, no. I just fine."

C is also into doing things "all by me-self"

A favorite pass time right now is playing with play doh. We made some ourselves and he asks to play with it almost every day.


C also loves the snow. After the first snowfall this season, C wasn't sure what to think. Now, he rolls in it, jumps in it, and asks us to throw it at him. :)

He has been doing so well in his Big Boy bed! We also switched the boys' rooms around and he has done great with that transition too. We're getting ready to paint C's room and he's pretty excited about that!

C loves "Gummy snacks" This is the life; no shirt (freshly bathed), new haircut, and gummy snacks.

One day while making tuna salad for lunch, C decided to add a *little* more dill.

C loves to play pretend, which is so much fun! We pretend to ride a bus on chairs, or be a doctor, or make/eat food.  He likes to pretend to be a dog and crawls on all fours and wants to be petted on the head. :)

Playing "bus"

Even snow does not stop this boy from wanting to ride his bike and play outside. He'll announce, "Pretty nice day outside, I better ride my bicycle." 

He even wanted to mow the other day, right over the snow.

C has also become a bit of a tattle tale and will "tell" on Matt or I if we get him a treat or punish him. "Mommy make me go to room." "Daddy got me ice cream!"

He also has shown a very soft heart at times. Yesterday I put C in his room for slamming G's door while I was getting G to sleep. After I came to get C a few minutes later he was subdued and said, "I make choices Mom. I go to room." (We've talked about making choices and having consequences. ) It was so sweet! 

I was working in the kitchen one night and heard, "I make hat for Dunfer!" I turned and saw this! So cute! C loves including G in whatever he is doing.


G is growing up so fast! He is changing so much every day. 

He can sit up on his own in a tripod position and is very good at grabbing things. He loves touching our faces now and "talking" to us.

G thinks C is the coolest person ever and watches him all the time. C loves having such a captive audience and tries to get G to laugh. It's so cute to watch them together. C does such a great job of sharing too- even giving G his favorite stuffed animal (Tigger) to play with. 

G is like his big brother, he loves baths!

G loves his sippee cup! He reaches out for it and opens his mouth wide as soon as he sees it. 

G really is a "big" little man. He weighed in at 17lbs for his 4 month check. He is in the 97th percentile for his height! The doctor told C, "You may be the older brother but you might not be the bigger brother." :)

We love G's giggling! He giggles at all sorts of things now.