Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tales of a Toddler Bed

We knew it was a little on the late side to have Caleb transition to his toddler bed from his crib, but I hadn't wanted to do that before/right after we moved (I figured that would be a big enough transition already.) and I didn't want to do it right after Gunther was born. (For obvious reasons)

So here we are. Caleb is almost 2 1/2 and Gunther is quickly outgrowing the pack and play bassinet. The crib needs to be vacated. Pronto.

I decide to try to do nap time in the big boy bed. That was a mistake. It is light and he has lots of energy. A few minutes after I lay him down I hear noises. When I peek in he is throwing all his animals between the bed and the wall. We dig them out and I push the bed tight against the wall. I tuck him in again and give him strict instructions to stay in bed and go to sleep.

A few minutes later I hear noises again. This time he is rocking his Tigger in his rocking chair. "He was crying Mommy!" Back in bed again. More strict instructions about staying in bed. 

The next time I go in he has found his alarm I hid in his closet. He had completely reset it. 
(We use it to let him know when he can "wake up" in the morning. He has to play quietly in his room in the morning until it goes off. Then he knows we will come get him.)

I decide to call it a wrap and put him back in the crib. 

Evening approaches and I wonder about trying again. Matt is taking a paramedic refresher course during the day but will be home around bedtime if I need back up. Gunther goes down early. This is my chance! 

We rock. Then he wants to rock Tigger. Then he wants to get his favorite truck. We get him all situated with all 1476 of his animals. He tucks himself in "all by me self." I decide to camp out in his room and read on my phone.

"What you doing mommy? You reading your bible? You looking at pictures? Picture of me? I like my Orange truck. I put little Tigger in it. I sleep with Dalmation doggy. He pretty cute." 

"Shh. No talking. Lay down and sleep."


"My Tigger jump out of bed."

"No he didn't. You threw him. Stop doing that. Go to sleep"

"My blanket came off."

"Okay, I'll help you."

"NO! I DO IT!"


"I want a drink."

"You already had one. You're fine. Lay down. I have an idea, how about I sing to you?"


I start singing. 

"No Mommy, sing Jesus Loves Me!"

"Okay. Jesus Loves me this---

"Mommy you singing too loud. I trying to rest."

*Trying not to laugh* "Okay, I'll sing quieter."

"Jesus Loves Me---

"I can't hear you Mommy!"

The garage door opens.

"That Daddy! I better go see him."

"Okay. Fine."

After hugs were given to Daddy, Daddy rocked him, laid him down, and closed the door. There were some tears involved, but soon he quieted down and fell asleep. Caleb woke up happy as a lark the next morning.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Update.

Life is staying busy around these parts and we love it! I am so thankful that the Hubby's work schedule allows us to have so much family time. We really get to soak up time with our boys. 

C makes us laugh on a daily basis with all the cute and hilarious things he says! He's quite the talker now.

At lunch one day Gunther was in his high chair and Caleb climbed down and rolled him over to where he was and said, "Dunfer you're my best friend." My mommy heart almost exploded. C is such a good big brother. He asks to hold Gunther a lot. He also wants to include him. When we go out to run errands he'll ask, "Dunfer tum too?"

Thomas time!

Rocking Tigger and putting him down for a nap just like Mommy does with baby G.

Library trips have become a weekly tradition for C and Daddy. It's always a big hit with the "Big Tigger", new movies and books, and the "spinning money" (A make-a-wish coin collector.)

New alphabet board! He can match all of them now and the first time we did it he told me, "C is for Caleb."

C really wants to share things with Gunther, especially food, but I've told him Gunther can only have milk. We also talk about the things G can do when he's older. So, the other day C was eating a quesadilla (His favorite thing for lunch) and turned to Gunther, "Dunfer, when you olders you 'sposed to eat tase-adilla."

Hubby got C a Dalmatian stuffed animal which C calls "Dalmatian doggy."  The day after he got it he was carrying it around and told me, "I like Dalmatian doggy. He pretty cute boy!"

I have a bad record of things overflowing/splattering in the oven, smoking, and setting off the smoke alarms. This has not gone unnoticed by my oldest who told me a few days ago. "Mommy, smoke come out of oven. Beep, beep, beep!" 

 Chillin' with my toys.

Here are some other things he's said recently:

"Tigger you touch my face. My face smooth. I shaved. You touch my whiskers Tigger?" 

"It dark outside. I can't do my little lawnmower. That sad."

Matt was working on some plumbing and making some banging noises. "Did you go Bish, bash, bosh Daddy?" (A game that the steam engines play on Thomas the Tank Engine when they bump things with their bumpers.)

Said about string cheese; "Actually mom, you eat it. It has hair on it." (Hair being the little stringy pieces)

He often tells us, "Pretty nice day outside! Ride my bike?"

I got new washcloths recently and I went to wipe his mouth and he said, "New?" I responded that yes, I had just bought them. He then said, "I pretty like new ones!" ("Pretty like" is his way of saying "really like")

C has recently started to want to know what things are called. "What called for that?"

One night C told Matt that he wanted to "Rock and Talk Daddy." He then proceeded to tell Matt the day's events. "Stomach upset, go to grocery store...."

 Dr. Caleb

New jammies.

Sledding! C loved it except for the walk up the hill. :)

 First snow. It was windy and C was not a fan so he went and hid. :)

Looking at the snow.

It was a winter wonderland!

 Me and my boys!

 Silly faces!

Baby G:

Gunther started solid foods a week ago (at 4 months) and is doing really well with them! His favorite it rice cereal so far.

 Like his older brother, the bib is a toy and he makes more of a mess with it than without so we don't use one anymore. :)

Gunther LOVES his Daddy! 

 Learning to hold things.

 We've also started teething, so lots of finger chewing.

 How sweet is this smile? 

 Sleeping Angel

 A serious face!

Matt and I got to sneak away for a date a couple weeks ago and that was great! Thanks to my sweet in-laws for offering to watch the boys! This is probably the first nice couple shot we've got in several years.