Sunday, March 4, 2012

C update -- 17 months

Caleb is growing up so much!

C still loves to read. Animal books are a favorite because he loves to make the noises. He can now make seal, horse, cow, monkey, elephant, dog, pig, cat, chicken, and lamb noises.

He has also expanded his vocabulary to say  Da da, Ma ma, banana (bamana), bottle (ba ba), bye (buh buh), ball, and Grandpa (bopa). He really tries to copy anything we say. 

  With cousin Zach.

Looking out the window!

I love kettlecorn!

C always curls up with Tigger to sleep!

Getting into Mommy's make-up!


  1. He's getting so big!! Adorable little boy you have there!

  2. Such a cutie.... oh no with the makeup!! I've missed you around here in blogland. Hope you are doing well! :)