Monday, April 23, 2012

C 19 month update

C update! Our little man is getting so big! Here are ridiculous amounts some pictures of the things he's up to!

He's way into putting things "in."  I find all sorts of things in the most random places. Most recently decided to put his Tigger in the toilet! :)

C loves to make trips to our little library for story time or just to color and get some new books!

C lets us know it's time to eat by climbing in his chair and saying "Na, na?" (Snack, snack?)

C loves to copy, whether putting on lotion like Mommy, mowing like Daddy, or pretending to talk on the phone. We even caught him the other day with the lid off Hubby's deodorant trying to put it on his arm pits! 

 Had a fever so no shirt! Still playing hard!

 Notice the clever use of diaper package as a step.

New sandals!

Sad this is blurry! Teething on Tigger. He is working on his 2 yr molars!

C loves our neighbor dog, Phoebe, and goes to the fence and calls her, "Bebe!" 

Target is always a fun place to shop because he gets a free cookie! 

Reading with uncle "Do" (Joe)

Playing with Grandma's dog, Tucker.

C will say "Mo" (more) when he likes something or wants more of it. He'll even ask for more of something we have no control over like birds flying out in front of us on walks, loud motorcycle noises, or animals we see on a car ride.

His vocabulary is exploding! He says all sorts of words now; bike, dog, joyce, phoebe, nat, joe, grandpa and grandma, door, scooter, mower, juice, snack, shoes, bath, please, I love you, thank you, meat, strawberries, banana, pajamas, ball, car, etc... It's so fun that he can communicate so much more now!

C is only taking one nap as of about 6 weeks ago and now sleeps 10+ hours a night! Woohoo!

C loves to give Tigger a 'bath' in the washer. Whenever I say I need to do laundry C runs to get Tigger and puts him in the washing machine!

He loves to mooch snacks off Daddy. Whenever Hubby sits down to eat C comes over and says "Mo? Peese?" (More, please?) Of course Daddy always shares.

C brings so much joy to our lives! We are so happy God gave him to us!

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