Sunday, December 15, 2013

Colorado 2013

For Thanksgiving this year we went to visit my sister-in-law in Colorado. We made a week out of it and visited several local attractions. It was a great time! 

At Focus on the Family

Visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Definitely a highlight! The boys loved it! The elephants were C's favorite.

Petting a giraffe (!) We were up on platforms around the giraffe pen so we were at the level of their heads. We were even able to feed them some lettuce leaves you could buy there. Caleb was excited about feeding the giraffes, but when a giraffe got close he got scared and threw the lettuce into the pen. :)

The view was amazing! 

Gunther and Boppa.

Snowman building fun!


Reading with cousin Sam.

At the Air Force Academy.

The Chapel at the Academy.

Garden of the Gods

Making a pressed penny at the summit of Pike's Peak.

Views on the way up the mountain

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