Friday, May 10, 2013

Letters 7 months and 2 1/2 +


You are so much fun right now! You have such a great imagination. A couple days ago you were playing on the riding lawnmower and told me you were going to hook up a trailer and deliver hay to horses. You hopped down and pretended to hook up a trailer and then said "I call you on my phone, Mom, in case you need anything." :)

You are still a great sharer with your brother but you've learned that with a teething baby everything goes in the mouth. I overheard you a few days ago give your Tigger to Gunther and tell him, "Don't lick it, just look at it!" A few days ago I told you we were going to head back to take a nap you ran over to Gunther and kissed him and said, "I love you Dunther!"

You are going to make someone a great wife someday. I chopped off my hair (6") and when I got home you said, "Mom. I like haircut!" It's nice" You then proceeded to tell me that multiple times the next few days. :) The other day I got ready to go somewhere and you said, "Is that new shirt? You pretty." I put on lipgloss for apparently the only time in the last 2 1/2 years because you said, "What that on lips? Pretty! Red on lips, red on shirt. They match. That's nice!" I'm quite sure you've learned how to compliment your mommy from your daddy. You keep watching and learning from him. He's exactly the type of man I want you to be when you grow up.

You've recently started saying things in threes. "It's nice, nice, nice outside!" "My shoes are tricky, tricky, tricky!" So cute!

One of your night time rituals is reading your 'special bible' and also looking at one of our family photo albums. Your favorite is "Mommy Daddy married" (our wedding album).

I was reading a Thomas the Train book to you yesterday and was kind of summarizing the words because it was super long and you were losing interest. Well, I wasn't paying close enough attention because I said, "..and then these engines talked to Neville, but they weren't very nice." "No!" you say, "Those not engines. They diesels." Sure enough I read the page and the trains I had been referring too were diesels not coal engines. Haha! I got a kick out of that! Smart boy!

A lunch favorite right now is nachos, but you ask for them like this, "Can I have on top chips cheese for lunch?" Another thing you say a lot when you like something is that it's your 'best'.  Ex. "Blue and cherry (yogurt) are my best!"

I love running errands with you! (Daddy does too. He always tells me funny stories when you guys come back) You are so cheerful and friendly and you do such a great job obeying. You are getting to the age where it's fun to hang out and have your companionship. You are always so excited and you have an amazing memory for who gives stickers (bank), suckers (bank where I have my business account), tootsie rolls (Fareway), cookies (Target, Hy-vee), etc... You also remember that Hy-vee has car carts and Fareway has little kid sized carts.

We love you sweet boy! We couldn't imagine life without you!


You said your first word, "Mama!" You say it all the time and it's so cute! You also have two teeth now. 

You started wrinkling your nose when you smile and laugh and it is the cutest thing! 

You push up on all fours all the time now but you're not crawling quite yet. You are very resourceful though and can get to anything you want by using a combination of rolling, twisting and army crawling. You make us laugh though because we can put you in the middle of the living room and in 30 seconds you will get wedged up against the armoire or under a coffee table or stuck in a corner. In your crib you are almost always pressed up agains the rails. (See picture below. :)

You love Caleb so much! You are always watching for him. Sometimes I have a difficult time trying to feed you because you want to see what he's up to more than eat. :)

I love that you are a cuddler. Some of my favorite times together are when you wake up while Caleb is still napping. I'll hold and snuggle you for as long as you'll let me.

You took a nap on Daddy this week- your first! Daddy loved it! I found you both sleeping on the couch and snapped a quick picture.

You have a knack for sneezing/coughing right when I get a spoonful of baby food in your mouth, spraying it everywhere. I'm used to it happening almost every feeding, but Daddy was feeding you yesterday and I forgot to warn him.  Pretty soon I heard a "Aaah!" from the kitchen and Daddy says, "He just coughed food all over me!" Me: "Oh yeah... Sorry! Should have warned you!" :)

We love you very much, Baby G!

In other news, Matt completed his 4th marathon a couple weeks ago. C went with Mimi and Boppa to give Matt water/food at a different mile markers. I came later with G for the last stop and the finish. Despite crazy weather (Sleet, cold, and heavy winds) Matt did great and had a lot of fun!

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