Thursday, May 16, 2013

Potty Training. A Review.

So I've pretty much been putting off potty training for awhile. Some of my reasons are valid. When C was 18 months I was pregnant and getting our house ready to list on the market. After 4 months of trying to sell it by ourselves, we did, and from there we moved and had a baby and it's taken a little while to get into a new rhythm. I've also been mildly terrified of the idea of potty training in general. I was a bit of a terror to train and apparently didn't master it until the ripe age of 4 and I've heard plenty of horror stories from other moms. I also know I am stubborn and C can be a bit at times as well so I was concerned about this becoming a power struggle. 

Well, last week I bought some big boy underwear for C and finally washed it yesterday. Last night I told my hubby I was going to try to get started today. (Hoping that by speaking it I would provide some accountability for myself)

The day started a little rough when I pulled out a pair of C's new Thomas the Train underwear and he started crying and running away. "I want biaper. I don't want those!"

Fortunately it went uphill from there.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how well today went. The first time he had an accident wasn't until late morning and he actually told me he needed to go, but I didn't get his clothes off fast enough. He went on to only have 2 more accidents and went on the potty several times. He apologized every time he had an accident. "I sawwy mommy!" (such a sweetie!) I told him that accidents happen sometimes and he's learning something new so it will take a little practice. 

I thought we'd start off easy using his little potty, but no; "I want sit on big potty." And then, "I do it! You let go hands!" Alrighty then. 

He's a smart cookie. He gets mini marshmallows when he goes, so he started going just a little, get his marshmallows and then he'd be back in 5 minutes to go a little more and ask for more marshmallows. I think he realized he could get substantially more marshmallows that way. On the plus side, he has great bladder control! By the end of the day he seemed to be able to hold it until I would take him in to try to go. 

It's kind of crazy to think I'm potty training my baby boy! Caleb is getting to be so big! 

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  1. Good job! You are a patient and encouraging mama! We used M&M's at our house. :)