Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good deals!

Today was the day of shopping! I went out to a local kids consignment event this morning and did pretty well for C. I have been wishing I had a portable booster seat high chair and also a changing pad. (I bought a large purse instead of a traditional diaper bag which usually includes one.) I found both things as well as a little pop up toy. One of his grandparents have one and he loves it. I also found a cute little musical dog and a few tops. All this for $21. Yeah!

The haul!

While I was there I also picked up some Norwex cloths. I've been wanting an all purpose one and also their window/glass polishing cloth. 

I cleaned four windows this afternoon and I seriously had fun! :)

I hit Target on the way home to just get a few things, but C actually fell asleep, so I decided to walk around and do some shopping. I found some great stuff! 

Maternity swimsuit bottom (to go with a top I got somewhere else.)
Cute jade colored dress. Maternity, but I'm going to wear it now. Watch for it in a WIWW post soon!
Chrome piggy. I've been eyeing him for several weeks. Originally  he was 10, then dropped to 5 a couple weeks ago, but I couldn't justify the $. Today he was 2.50, so he got to come home with me. :)
Grey leggings.
Two lamps and two shades. (Wasn't crazy over the ones that came with the lamps.)
The lamps were reg. $30 each, but I got them for $6.75!!! The shades were reg. 15 each, but I got them for $3.75 each. Major score!

Because I love this type of thing...
                                                 Regular price this would have cost $156
                            I actually paid $41.50
                                       I saved $114.50

Have you gotten a great deal lately???

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  1. Great scores!! Especially on the lamps and shade!! Wow! Maternity??? Did I miss something? Was there an announcement.... or did I just forget. I have no brain lately!! :)