Saturday, September 3, 2011

C is one!

Today is C's first birthday! It's hard to believe a whole year has gone so quickly. Last night as we were going to bed my hubby said, "This time last year we were in the hospital." Wow.

Tired mommy, proud daddy!

C has changed so much! Here are some of the things he's doing currently:

Playing "chase me." C crawls away from us and want's us to chase him (on our hands and knees) and grab his feet, at which point he dissolves into giggles. He'll look at us with a smile and tear across the room and then we know he wants to play.

Mimicking. Putting our old cell phones up to his ear, brushing his hair with a comb or brush, and copying mouth noises or clapping.

Eating. Lots. C likes all sorts of food. He's recently started doing more solid things that he wasn't ready for a few weeks ago. Peas, chopped carrot, graham crackers, animal crackers, and water melon. The weaning process is starting to go better now that he's eating more solids. He's down to 15 oz. of milk a day.

Sleeping through the night consistently bedtime is usually right around 8 and he sleeps till 6 or 7.

He's currently in a size 2T!


Since this is a big milestone I also wanted to look back and relive some memories.

I remember.....when we got home from the hospital. It felt so safe and cozy to be here just our little family. I told Daddy I didn't want anything to change, I loved this feeling of being in our little cocoon with you.

I remember.... Daddy cheering me on as I pushed (for 3 1/2 hours!). "You can do this! I love you! You're strong!"

I remember....when you were born. It was the most beautiful moment I've ever experienced. I felt relief, joy, love (for Daddy and you), awe, disbelief that this beautiful baby had actually been inside me, and thankfulness. Then Daddy and I looked at each other and said "He's beautiful, he's perfect!" And we both cried. I'm crying right now. That moment really makes everything worth it.

I remember...... you were so content at the hospital, only crying when you were hungry.  You didn’t cry when your blood was drawn or when you were circumcised.

 Look at those chubby cheeks!

I remember....Daddy coming back with you from the nursery and saying, "At first I wasn't sure I would recognize him in there with all the other babies, but as soon as I got in there I heard his little raspy cry and picked him out of the others."

I remember....looking at you all the time. Daddy and I would just gaze at you when you were sleeping. You'd make all sorts of funny faces and stretch your hand up above your head.

I remember..... that when we swaddled you, you would always work to get one arm out and then you would fall asleep. 

Some things I learned:

They're only little babies for a short time. It seems like forever when you're trying to figure it all out and running on small amounts of sleep and you feel like the house is a disaster, but it really is important to take time to enjoy. I made sure to take time every day to just watch him sleep and hold him close. I probably could have done even more of that though.

This too will pass. The baby will start sleeping longer, nursing faster, (At first C took and hour to nurse, which meant I was spending at least 8 hours every day just nursing.) you will lose that weight, those projects will eventually get done, and you will be able to stay up past 7:30pm. Just enjoy what's happening right now.

Listen to other people. You don't know everything, despite the 10 million books you've read. Hubby was right on the money several times when I didn't know what to do. (And sometimes when I thought I did.) Older moms or grandmas can also be great resources.

Just when you love one stage (smiling, cooing, crawling) they're ready for the next one, and that's even more fun! Love where you're at!

I am so thankful for our little bundle of joy! He is truly our gift from God.


  1. Such a wise momma! As I read this I have Joseph asleep on the sofa right next to me - just enjoying the peacefulness of our newest that sometimes gets lost in the chaos of the others. Don't ever stop seeking wisdom/mentoring from older mommas! Can't wait to meet Caleb! Love to you all :-D

  2. Oh, I love those sweet baby days. They do go by so quickly! You have such a beautiful family! :)