Wednesday, November 9, 2011

C's 14 month update.

Time for a C update again! The days and months seem to have such a way of flying by!

Right now C's latest and greatest fixation is buttons. He discovered that by pushing the buttons on the humidifier in his room he can make the fan go on and off. Endless hours of fun there folks! Today I had the cd player on and he noticed there were buttons on it. I seriously only got to hear the first 7.35 seconds of each song on the CD before he pushed a button and switched it.

Another thing he recently discovered was that I keep paper towel under the sink. It didn't take him long to unroll it all over the kitchen, giggling as he did. :)

C. is also realizing that when he hears the garage door in the morning and hears the car door shut, then Daddy is going to come through the back door. Last time he got so excited he was panting and giggled when he saw Hubby walk through the door. That really makes Daddy's day!

Visiting Daddy at the fire station!

C still loves to eat a lot of different things. Peas, pear, and cheese are current favorites.

C had his first ear infection a couple weeks ago. We actually took him into the doctor for a cough and then found out he had a (minor) ear infection. Antibiotics cleared it all up.

Crawling is pretty much a thing of the past. C is all about walking now... and running! :)

C loves to pull power cords out of outlet, so Mommy has to keep a close eye on him! He also is really into reading and will bring us books to read. Not only does he love to read, but he insists on sitting on our laps to do so.

We watched two of my nephews last week and I was reading aloud to them and C wanted to sit up on the couch with us too. Hubby set C next to his cousin and all the sudden we looked over and C was patting his cousin's head! It was the funniest thing!

We dedicated C a couple weeks ago at our church. Several family members and friends were there, which made it a special time.

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