Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 A couple months ago I stumbled across 'Five Days... 5 Ways' blog through WIWW. I loved Abbie's personality, her sense of style (She's a thrifter, like me!), and her great DIY projects.

Last month I won a giveaway through her blog for a Lisa Leonard gift certificate. I was so excited! I have been eyeing Lisa's jewelry for awhile. I ended up picking this beauty:

Lisa's shop

This month Abbie is doing another giveaway (including a pair of my earrings and Lisa Leonard gift certificates) that is also for a great cause. I'll let her explain:


Hi there, folks! My name is Abbie
five days five ways | because every day is different
…and I’m so excited that Elyssa is having me by for a visit to share with you something I’m passionate about, which could benefit you guys in more ways than one.
Pinky promise.
How so?
Well, I’m hosting a huge giveaway/fundraiser to help build a new classroom for a Christian ministry to orphans in Uganda that is home-grown in East Texas where I live.
There are FIVE prize packages, chock-full of amazing handmade goodies and gift certificates (Lisa Leonard, anyone?) that you can win just by visiting and leaving me a comment.
Here’s just a small taste:
If you want extra entries, you can also donate to:
Parental Care Ministries: The Father's Love in Action
…using a special button on my blog which will track your entries so we can see how much we raise and who wins!
Honestly, folks, these kids are incredibly humble and deserving! (Their idea of a special treat is an apple…I’m not kidding).
So, if you want to help us raise the money to build these precious children a new classroom + have the opportunity to be one of 5 lucky folks to win some awesome loot, please come check out The BIG PCM Fundraiser/Giveaway on my blog.
No amount is too small, and every dollar you give is matched up to our goal of $5,000 (wow!). Which means, if you give up Starbucks just once, you’ll be donating not $10 but $20 (just kidding…but at least $8, right?) to a truly worthy cause.
Hope to see you soon!
 Be sure to stop by Abbie's blog to get entered in this giveaway and support this worthy cause!

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  1. Gorgeous necklace! I've got 2 of Lisa's. They are so sentimental and special to me! :)