Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July weekend

We had a fun (and busy!) 4th!

My great aunt and uncle were visiting from North Dakota this weekend, so we went over on Sunday to spend some time with them and my extended family.

C. With my Great Aunt
 Some highlights of the day:

-Hubby and my brother chased and caught one of my aunt and uncle's sheep. Apparently this was hilarious to watch. (Wish I had pictures, but I actually missed it. Someone came in to tell me to watch, but I got outside too late.)

-My 78 year old great uncle rode a horse. As in cantered..... Quite a bit more than a walk. Hubby commented he hopes he can do that when he's 78.

-Lots of catching up and hanging out!

On the 4th we celebrated with my in-laws. We had a fabulous lunch which ended with my MIL's delicious Texas sheet cake.

I made some fun star cut out cookies and frosted them red, white, and blue. I love doing fun baking like that!

Fire works.

Hubby and I had spent a fair amount of time trying to decide if C. was ready for them. After all he's only 10 months and they're awfully loud. We thought he might be scared. But then again maybe he would love them because he loves noise. In the end we decided to go to the fireworks with the plan that if he was terrified we could leave.

We needn't have worried.

C. slept through them all. He couldn't have cared less about fireworks. He saw maybe the first couple but he just wanted to sleep.  I enjoyed the cuddle time as he usually doesn't like to do that.

On another note, C. loved sparklers! I wish I had gotten some pics, but my camera wasn't close.

I did snap a few photos though of pre-firework activities. (I use the word 'activities' loosely. With the exception of the sparklers, 'activities' means mainly eating and sitting, which is what these pictures are of.)

Chilling with Mom

"Sometimes when I chew things I spit them out. This is my creative way to keep that from happening."
You can also see I was a good mommy and remembered to bring wet wipes to wipe his face after he ate. Notice the crusties on his eye brow? Charming.

Eating is hard work!

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