Monday, July 25, 2011

90 day challenge update.

If you didn't see it, check out my first post about why and what I'm doing here.

Well, this week was a bit challenging (haha!) because I had a small group dinner at an Italian restaurant, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding, and my nephews birthday party. Not exactly helpful for someone trying to get healthier and lose weight. I did try to make good choices though, to minimize damage.

I opted for a lighter option on the menu; fish w/ cous cous.
For dessert: sorbet. (More low cal than their fabulous bread pudding. A couple of friends got that, so I was able to have a bite of theirs.)
In hindsight I should have just skipped buying dessert for myself.

Rehearsal dinner:
I ate one hamburger in a bun and a hot dog without a bun. ( that saves 80-90 calories.)
I had two cake balls for dessert and passed on the brownies.

I had only one pulled pork sandwich, even though they were small.
I filled half of my plate with a green salad and only ate a small handful of chips.
I did have 1 1/2 cupcakes though. 1 would have probably been fine.

Birthday party:
I tried to fill up on the veggie tray and only have a small handful of chips.
I didn't have any cake.

Even though I made some good choices I was a little nervous to see my results this morning. I was happy to see I lost 1 pound when I hopped on the scale today, and a 1/2" off my waist and hips! Not bad.

As for my exercise goals, I did okay with walking. I maybe went 3 times. The burpees.... let's just say I did less than 40 all week. Definitely room for improvement. :)

I love the convenience of taking a shake for breakfast! It's so fast and really streamlines my morning routine. It also creates only two dishes because we have a rocket blender. So all I have to wash is the cup and lid. Nice.

I've been also trying to have more healthy snack foods on hand. Some of my favorites right now are fresh cherries, cubed watermelon, sunflower seeds, all natural fruit leathers, and low fat wheat thins.

The company that I'm doing the challenge through just rolled out that they are no longer offering 100,000 dollars in prizes (Spa, makeovers, free wardrobes, vacations, cash and product giveaways) now they are offering 10 million dollars in prizes for completing the challenge!!! It also used to be that you had to have a big transformation to have a shot at the prizes, but now they have a family category and also a random lottery pick so there are more chances to win!

I would also say this has helped my energy level. There have been as couple evening where I've thought, "I usually am more tired right now."

Excited to see how this week goes since I'll be eating more "normally."

What about you? What are some good choices you make when you're eating out or have a lot of weddings/parties to attend?


  1. I have added in 2 bike rides a day to wear out my puppy. I've been noticing a lot more muscle definition in my legs, and also my arms (from my workouts with Josiah, with the kettlebell especially). No weight loss really but I'm gaining muscle, and feeling stronger!

  2. Good for you! Another reason to get a dog, right?