Thursday, December 1, 2011

All about C!

Since I missed last month, here is C's 15 and 16 month update!

C has been so much fun lately! He is really understanding a lot and is able to communicate so much more to us even though he isn't saying many words. He can say bye (buh buh), ball (ba), mama, car (ar), and please. (eese). Today I was eating a lemon poppyseed muffin and he looks at me with the sweetest expression and says, "Eese?" ::heartmelted:: 

C can also do animal sounds. He does a horsie sound, complete with head toss, cow, fish, kitty, monkey, and also "vroom vroom" for car. (Which I do realize is not an animal sound) He also does the count from Sesame Street's "Ah ah ah."

We've had to be a little more careful with what we let C play with because he has lots of little hiding places. Hubby calls them his "lairs". The other day he had lost powdered peanut butter we use for smoothies and he found it several days later. Where? Inside a bread machine that is on the floor in the spare bedroom. 

One day we were playing and he came up and gave me a kiss right on the lips! He is becoming much more affectionate and is starting to want to cuddle more.

I've recently discovered that C is a climber. One day I walked into his bedroom and foundhim standing on top of his humidifier. Another day he was on top of a box of diapers! 

He is getting tall (32") and can now reach things he didn't use to be able to. One day I had made treats for the neighbors and left the plates on the table. I then went on to do dishes. After a little while I noticed he was quiet so peeked in the dining room and saw this: 

 Totally swiped a cookie from one of the neighbor's plates.

New skill!

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  1. he's adorable...and i love the look of a sneaked snack! :)