Thursday, December 1, 2011


Here are five things I do to *try* to stay organized:

1. Label and sort! This is my recipe box. I made the tabs myself and tried to create a lot of different categories. The recipes I'll be making in the next two weeks go up front. Easy to find when I make dinner!

2. Use bins. I have so many different bins and baskets! They make life so much easier. 

Keeping little bags of snacks organized.

I also use bins in C's changing table and that works really well to hide all the clutter.

3. Create boundaries. I only allow myself to keep as many magazines as fit in my piano bench. When it's full, I have to purge! I do the same thing for mail and papers. I have a basket, and when it's full I have to go through it.

4. Don't pack closets/drawers full. Have room to easily find and grab things.
(More labeling and binning too!)

I see a blurry little hand at the bottom. :)

5. Make it pretty! :) I try to display pretty things and buy baskets and boxes that are attractive as well as functional.

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  1. Create boundaries... Ah, yes. I need to do this!! :)