Friday, October 28, 2011

5 simple pleasures

1. New BH&Garden's in the mail.
(Love those felt coasters!)

2. Pomegranate!

3. Shopping trip with my sis to Forever21!
Yielded this darling top as well as a super awesome chunky brown belt that will be featured in an upcoming WIWW post.

4. These make me smile every time I see them.
They are salt and pepper shakers! They were my husband's grandma's.

5. Little bit'o green. House plants are a simple pleasure to me.
They brighten any room and lift my spirits!

Cool story: This plant is from a start my mom gave me. She cut a branch off  her plant and grew roots on it in water and then gave it to me to pot. The best part? The plant she took the start from was a plant my grandparents brought to the hospital when I was born!

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  1. I love those felt coasters, too! And that is such a great story about the sweet!

  2. Oh... I love the plant story!! That's one hearty plant! :) Super cute top, too. :)