Monday, October 10, 2011

C's 13 month update

C turned 13 months just a few days ago. He is doing so many new things now! One of the things he does all the time is when he sees something he likes (Cell, phone, ceiling fan, dog, bottle, etc..) he smiles, points at it and makes a happy 'Ah! Ah!' noise.

Climbing is a new favorite. We have a park near our house and we're going there pretty often.

Climbing is not limited to the playground.

Currently anything is a toy. The less conventional the better.

The straightener is NOT plugged in, in case you were wondering.

C is eating all sorts of foods and is eating at regular mealtimes with snacks in between. Some of his favorite foods right now are goldfish crackers, grapes, pears, and yogurt bites.

Eating a rainbow.

C is now quite adept at opening cupboards, drawers, and doors and takes every available opportunity to show off his prowess. I'm also discovering he likes to put things 'in.'  This week I found a baseball in with the pots and pans, a maraca in with my dish towels, my blush brush in the toilet, and a measuring cup in the washing machine. Yeah.

He still likes to put all of his toys up on the coffee table, but is also enjoying walking around with things too. Speaking of walking, C is doing a lot more of it, and it's starting to turn into running now too. 

I'm bustin' outta here!

C has learned a few body parts; belly, head, and nose. He will perform selectively. He's also learning the names for things. If I say, "Where's  your tiger/giraffe/fire truck?" he'll go find it. He also likes to play hide and seek and peek around corners and furniture.

Playing with Daddy!

C loves playing with other kids! He is starting to get a bit more assertive though if he doesn't want something taken away from him.

"So big!"

This is such a fun age! He is so happy and life is a big adventure. There's always something to check out and explore. I love watching him toddle around.

 With Uncle Joe.

 Tigger's stuck, Mom!

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  1. He is such a cute boy! I love how he likes to hide things... my kids never really did that! :)