Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn fun.

A couple nights ago we headed out to my parent's acreage to celebrate my birthday. (Some of you may be scratching your heads because my birthday was August 24th, but we've had a difficult time getting everyone's schedules to jive!)

My mom made a delicious supper! (Thanks, Mom!) Check out this Greek salad! Mmm....

And the cake. Wow! The name of this recipe is called "died-and-went-to-heaven-chocolate cake." The title is quite accurate. SO good! The cake is like a moist brownie and the frosting is chocolaty, but has a surprise twist with cream cheese.

The calorie information as listed in the cook book is:
'You don't want to know.' :)

Playing games.

Mom and Dad have a trampoline, so the hubster took C. out to bounce on it. My sisters had put dried corn on it, and C. loved the noise and crawling through it!

 C also loves my parent's golden retriever, Tucker.

 Fun times!

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  1. Sweet family time! How fun with the corn on the tramp. :)