Saturday, October 8, 2011

5 Things

5 things that made me smile this week:

1) Norwex enviro cloth and window polishing cloth

These are wonderful. All you do is add water and they clean windows and mirrors streak free. You can also use the enviro cloth to dust and sanitize because it is embedded with silver which eliminates 99.94 % of germs. (Gosh! You'd think I sell these! I don't, I just am a huge fan!!!)

2. Paula Dean ladle.

Notice how it is pointed at one end?? Genius! It doesn't drip or spill.

3. New smart phone with fun cover.

It makes life so much easier! When we were at the store the sales lady asked if we wanted covers. My hubby found a nice plain black one, but I didn't like any of the other colors (bubble gum pink, cherry red, and hunter green.) so I said I might keep looking.

The lady smiled and said, "Check out the mall. They have more fun designs." 
I found this baby and I likey! My hubby saw it and smiled. "I wouldn't have expected anything different." He knows I like colorful and punchy things!

4. Hard salami from Target

Made grilled sandwiches with this and smoked gouda. So yummy!

5. Sweet and salty trail mix

Just. Addicting.

Salted and roasted almonds
White chocolate chips
PB2 powder
Cocoa powder
Vi-Shake mix powder

I can't keep away from this stuff! I just sent the rest of it to work with the hubby to get it out of the house!

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