Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garage Sales

We live in a small town and they do city wide sales every year in June. I was so excited to get up and go find some good deals this morning! My Hubby thinks I'm slightly crazy when it comes to garage sales. This is a true statement. In the past Hubby hasn't been too excited about going garage saling together, but decided to give it a go this year, because he's great like that. He quickly became a fan after finding a brand new pair of Skechers shoes in his size and in black (he had been telling me he needed new black shoes.) and only $20! As we were walking to thee next sale he said, "Look! There's a motorcycle for sale! I could get used to this garage sale thing!"

Here's a few pictures of things we scored:

See-n-say. 5 cents.

Cute shoes for C.

Board books. .25 ea.

Picture frames. I actually got two of the one on the left ($2 ea.) and the one on the right was $1
Picture in frame (I'm too lazy to rotate it.) compliments of Pink Flower Photgraphy
Here's how it looks on the shelf in my living room.

This was marked  $.01 The woman said her kids marked their stuff themselves. I didn't have the heart to only pay a penny so I paid more. :) Apparently the kids marked this for a penny and other  board books for $8.      

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