Saturday, June 25, 2011

An outing.

We've been pretty busy this week, so we decided to have a relaxed day yesterday and went to a local town that is partly made up of an Amish community. It was fun to see the buggies on the roadside.

They have a downtown district with several cute shops, so we headed that way and did some window shopping. A few sweet ladies were kind enough to snap our picture:

We got lots of yummy food. We started out with the town's signature homemade ice cream bars dipped in chocolate and then graham cracker crumbs. Next we went to the bakery and got a humongous twist donut (Yum!) followed by a stop at the cheese house where they sell fresh cheese curds. I pretty much gained 8 pounds.

The sidewalks  had just been redone and had colored quilt block designs in them. Aren't they neat?

Caleb tried to eat this yesterday:
The splinter, not the quarter. He pulled that off a piece of furniture! I have to watch him like a hawk these days! He also likes to tear pieces out of a carpet pad I have under a rug and eat it. I don't know why he prefers wood and carpet pad to his toys. I really don't. Although, according to my mother I was the same way.

Even though he is a whirl wind when he's awake, he's an angel when he sleeps.


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