Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This and That

I have realized it seems pretty impossible for me to post about just one thing. This post will not be an exception.

First, I ran 5 miles this morning with my sister-in-law. She is a fabulous athlete and does ridiculous 24hour plus kill-yourself-adventure racing. (Non-stop biking, running, climbing, kayaking, etc..) I was excited to be able to keep up with her today and not die. This could be because she is also doing P90x every day and was a little sore from yesterday. I haven't run since I found I was pregnant with C. (That would be 19 months ago) so I was really encouraged by today's run.

Last night I witnessed something adorable, and I was smart enough to catch it on camera.
Male bonding time: So it begins.....

 When I was growing up and had to suffer long hours in the hot summer weeding my mom's flower gardens, I decided I would NEVER have them when I had my own house. I told my mother that I would never like flowers or want to grow them and I would NEVER make my children do things they didn't want to. (In my shy, compliant way.) She looked at me with a smug look that said, "Just wait. You'll change your mind." Guess what? I did.

I now have a large front flower garden and beds in the making all around my house. I love flowers. They make me smile and make our home seem so much more welcoming.

This is a picture of one of my Stella De Oro day lilies that just started blooming.

Happy Wednesday!

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