Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bridal shower

One of my cousins is getting married next week. He and I have always been really close. For awhile when we were growing up he told me we were going to get married, but I told him that that's not done. When he hit the ripe old age of 10 he decided he wasn't going to get married at all and for that matter didn't really like girls..... So, yeah.

My mom and aunt hosted a shower for my cousin's fiancee a recently and it was lovely. We had the shower at my parents church, a cute little  country church that's over 100 years old!

The whole shower was very sweet, simple and county-ish. It was lovely. Here are a few photos;

 The food table. These are my favorite types of shower foods. Fruits, veggies, and a few sweets.

Flowers from my mom's flower gardens. (I plan on doing a blog post with some pictures of my mom's lovely gardens soon.)

 Chocolate revel bars.

The hostesses.

One of the games was a competition between 2 teams to see who could create a better dress. The one on the left was voted the winner. (That darling young lady is also my cousin's fiancee.)

C. even got to go, but I didn't take any pictures of him because I was chasing him all over and trying to keep him out of people's food.

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