Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What was I doing....?

Today was one of those days. You know, when you start something only to get sidetracked by something else and then get distracted by yet something else.

All I was trying to do was wipe the counter top on our pennisula in our kitchen.

It started at 7 this morning. I spilled milk on it. I wanted to clean it up with the wash cloth, but at the same time C got baby food spilled all over his high chair, so I used the wash cloth on that. I decided it was now too dirty to use on the counter so I set it aside to wash and went to get a clean one.

Then the tea kettle started whistling. I needed to heat C's bottle. Then of course, I needed to feed him. And change his diaper. And put on a clean shirt. And brush my teeth. 1 hour later....

Back in the kitchen, I realize after I open the drawer that I don't have any more clean dish rags. I start back to get the hamper from the bed room to do laundry. I decide to grab a couple things that need to go to C's room on the way. C follows me and gets my curling iron out. I take it away and smell he has a dirty diaper. After I change it I realize it's time for him to eat.

While he's munching some cheerios I hop online to check my email. I remember I need to send a couple emails.I send one to a relative which reminds me I need to call my mom to find out what I need to bring for food for my cousins wedding shower on Saturday.

After I write down what I need to get at the store I see mail that needs sorting through.

This reminds me I should get today's mail.

Then I remember it's trash day tomorrow, so I empty all the trash and clean out the fridge......

Lunch time.
I notice the dirty counter and remember I need to start laundry so I have a clean wash cloth. I actually accomplish this. After cleaning up dishes and food from lunch I run the vacuum after C tries to eat large pieces of grass that got tracked in the night before. In the meantime he find the power cord to the lap top and is chewing it contentedly. I take him in to the living room to distract him with his toys.

Again notice the dirty counter, but the clothes are still wet in the washer. I throw everything into the dryer. I remember I need to take things back to the library. After I get back, C needs to eat again (Yes, he does that a lot) after he's finished and playing I actually take the clean and dry wash rag out of the dryer and wipe the counter.

It is now 8pm.

This is the story of my life.

Does this ever happen to you? (Please say yes.)

This is my messy kitchen, pre-counter wiping. (Before)

And after. Ahhhhh....
Would you just look at that sparkly clean counter???

(Yes, I know there are dishes in the strainer.Don't expect miracles.)


  1. Oh, this is always how it went when my kiddos were tiny. It doesn't last forever... but they are sure cute when they are tiny! :)

  2. Glad to hear I'm not alone! Thanks for the encouragement. They are adorable when they're tiny. C just melts my heart. He gets lots of spontaneous squeezes and kisses. :)