Friday, August 5, 2011

C is 11 months!

This month has been full of new things! The biggest news is that C is now walking! It's just a few steps on his own, but I bet that soon he'll be running! :)

He is learning that certain words mean things and will clap when I say "Yay!" or "clap, clap." He also knows to wave goodbye when the Hubs leaves for work. Adorable.

Eating solid foods has really taken off. C loves eating things off our plates and is game for about anything. A couple big highlights this month were sorbet and potato.

C is becoming much more exploratory. He loves to head down the hallway towards the bedrooms and bathroom. I've caught him with the toilet bowl brush, cleaner bottles from under the sink, my curling iron, (pulled out of a drawer) and my cell phone charger, to name a few.

I've found myself saying things like:
"Let's not eat dirt from Mommy's plants."
"Let's not eat Mommy's plants."
"The baby gate is not a climbing wall. Neither is your (rolling) high chair."
"Lazy susan's are a no-no."

Hubby watched C for me earlier in the week so I could run errands for a few hours. ( Sweet man!) When I got back home he was like, " I could hardly get anything done! He just got into one thing after another!"

He's been working on some molars which has caused some grumpy days and interrupted nights, but most of the time he's a happy, smiley boy!

Here's a few pictures I snapped recently:

   Snuggles with Tigger!

It didn't take long for this.....

To turn into this:
All boy, this one!

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