Monday, August 15, 2011

handmade invitations

C's first birthday is in a couple weeks. We are just inviting our immediate family and doing something simple at home. I thought it would be fun to hand make the invitations since I'm not making that many. I wanted something simple and I knew I wanted a fun ribbon at the top.

I went shopping at Michael's and found a lovely yellow one with a white stitched edging. They also had plain notecards in several fun colors. I chose an apple green.

The first thing I did was punch holes in the top for the ribbon. The only punch I had was this diamond one, so I just did several. I wanted the opening for the ribbon to be large so you could see the design.

Next I threaded the ribbon through the holes.

 I looped one of the ends back up through the holes to the front.

 This is a back view. Then I brought the other end back through to the front.

 This is how the back should look.

Here's the front.

Trim the ends in a 'v' and that part is finished!

I also found some cute acrylic block stamps in the dollar section at Michael's. They are the coolest! You can peel and stick the design onto the block. It's so much less to store than traditional rubber stamps.

I found one that says "It's a party!" and also a cute little elephant. C's room is a jungle theme so the elephant caught my eye right away.

And here's the finished product!

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